Our history

The history of the Clinic goes back to the year 1881, when Dr. Alfredo Serralta i Fatjó was licensed by the Faculty of Medicine of Barcelona (1876-1881). In the following years, he developed his career in the Spanish province of Cuba, where he had to participate as a doctor with the Spanish army in the War of Independence, sharing ranks with Santiago Ramón y Cajal. During his stay in Cuba he had to face diseases such as yellow fever and malaria. These diseases were so aggressive, they cause more casualties than those generated by the enemy troops. In 1898, after the American invasion of the island, he returned to Barcelona where he continued to practice his profession.

Later, in 1909-1915, his son Dr. Eugenio Serralta i Serralta inherited his vocation. He graduated as a doctor at the Faculty of Medicine of Zaragoza. For love, he came back to Valencia to practice medicine, combining clinical practice in the old General Hospital of Valencia with his private practice specialized in eye diseases, to highlight, his treatises published on the treatment of trachoma. This clinic, located at Pascual i Genís street, number 5, can be considered the first location of Clínica Serralta in Valencia.

Orla doctores Serralta

Dr. Eugenio Serralta i Serralta, antecedent of Clínica Serralta. Graduation border damaged by fire and reconstructed.

The current facilities headed by Dr. Alfonso Serralta Serra, are located in Embajador Vich Street, which were established in 2002, having grown to offer hospital care services at Hospital 9 de Octubre, Hospital Virgen del Consuelo and Hospital Valencia al Mar. Currently has 12 professionals specialized in different specialties: digestive tract surgery, hepatology, senology, digestive medicine, bariatric surgery, dietetics, nutrition and psychology.

In 2017, after its success in surgery and digestive medicine, it broadens its portfolio of services through Serralta Dental, offering all dental services aimed at recovering, caring for and maintaining your oral health. Their health services of both clinics are included under GRUPO SERRALTA, a big team of specialists in constant evolution.

Dr. Alfonso Serralta holds a degree in Medicine in 1992 and a Doctorate in Medicine and Surgery in 1996 from the University of Valencia. He has studied abroad at the Diabetes Research Institute Miami University (Dr. Camilo Ricordi) and at the Unit of Surgery and Hepatic and Cellular Transplantation at King’s College Hospital in London. He has developed his professional career in the General Surgery and Gastroenterology Services of Hospital La Fe and in the Hospital General of Valencia with special dedication to Hepato-Bilio-Pancreatic Surgery, Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgery.