The clinic

We specialize in obesity, digestive problems and surgery. We have years of experience as a Multidisciplinary Team in the care of health problems related to the digestive system using Laparoscopic Surgery.

We provide our patients with the more advanced means of diagnosis, treatment and medical follow-up that currently exist; using all resources that science offers us.

We are committed to providing you with the most effective results. We put at your fingertips the more qualified medical professionals and the latest technology to get the results you expect from a modern and efficient health service.

Equipo médico profesional

Clinica Serralta’s Team

Why trust us?

We offer the fastest possible assistance, with round-the-clock patient service and a team commited to answering patients’ queries in less than a week.
We are committed to providing our patients with quality personalized service. Thus, from your first visit until given the medical discharge our patients feel in good hands throughout the process.
We offer a quick and accurate pathology diagnosis, to this end we rely on the diagnosis means and invasive techniques required to answer all your questions and doubts with maximum reliability.
Finally, we hope that you are satisfied with the treatment applied, and for this reason, our professionals will select the best option for your case with the commitment to provide you with medical follow-up increasing our reliability among our customers.

More than 120 years devoted to Medical Attention

Clínica Serralta is the result of many years dedicated to medicine, a vocation that was the heritage from father to son until today. It is the reason why the origins of the project go back to 1880, when Dr. Alfredo Serralta Fatjó began his career as a doctor. He was the beginning of a descendant of reputed doctors who managed to maintain a lineage based on medical attention and whose hight point is Clínica Serralta.

Our patients’ satisfaction

Our strong point is our patients’ satisfaction; hence their recommendations to our medical and surgical services. This represents the truest proof of the good results that our patients obtain after our treatments and interventions. Listen to our patients through their testimonials: