Bariatric Psychology

In order to undergo Bariatric Surgery it is necessary to meet a number of conditions, which is why the selection of candidates for the surgical treatment of obesity requires a thorough psychological evaluation to ensure the success of the procedure and discard the unwanted effects or it ineffectiveness.

Therefore, Clinica Serralta has a Bariatric Psychology Department, which is responsible for making the assessment of suitability for our patients. This detailed assessment of the eating habits and behaviors are a key to decide the surgical technique that will be the most effective for each patient.

Firstly, the medical history and the causes of the illness of a patient are analyzed in order to rule out possible pathologies that are incompatible with surgery. Then the preparation process is initiated in order to achieve an emotional stability creating a high level of willpower and motivation in patients to make a definite change in their diet.

In some cases a postoperative follow-up is also necessary to reinforce good eating behavior.

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