It is a procedure used to remove hemorrhoids. It consists in making small incisions in the skin around the anus, looking for the vein root that causes the varicose dilatation of the hemorrhoid. This venous root is sutured, removing the mucosa and the skin affected by hemorrhoidal dilatation. We perform a precise scalpel technique being conservative in the removal of tissue to reduce postoperative discomfort.

Hemorroidectomía. Clínica Serralta

Data sheet

Hospitalization:Does not require / 1 night
Anesthesia:Local and / or Anesthesia / Regional
Surgical time (minutes):30


Professional budget:2200 €
Hospital budget (*):1000 €
Prosthesis or other special expenses:Does not require
(*) Hospital costs have been obtained from an average of the costs of our customers and can vary according to individual expense arising from the needs of each patient.

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