The Hemicolectomy with laparotomic surgery is used to remove half of the colon (large intestine). It can be right hemicolectomy (cecum excision, ascending colon, hepatic flexure and transverse colon) or left (sigma excision, descending colon, splenic flexure and transverse colon).The use of very small incisions not only has esthetic advantages but it also reduces postoperative infections and postoperative pain.

Performing this surgery by laparotomy involves making an incision in the abdomen to allow the surgeon to perform the excision. The size and location of the incision depends on the clinical situation of each patient.

Hemicolectomía por laparotomía. Clínica Serralta

Data sheet

Hospitalization:More than 2 nights
Surgical time (minutes):More than 120


Professional budget:5000 €
Hospital budget (*):3500 €
Prosthesis or other special expenses:Does not require
(*) Hospital costs have been obtained from an average of the costs of our customers and can vary according to individual expense arising from the needs of each patient.

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