Liver Surgery

Treatment using surgery (open or laparoscopic) for liver diseases that require resection for its treatment (tumors, infections, cancer).

We have a complete surgical equipment; intraoperative ultrasound, intraoperative radiofrequency ablation (removal of tumors using radiofrequency without liver tissue resection), microwave ablation (to treat tumors close to the main vessels of the liver), liver tissue dissector using ultrasound and the latest technology in vascular ligation.

Cirugía hígado

Data sheet

Hospitalization:More than 2 nights
Surgical time (minutes):120


Professional budget:9233 €
Hospital budget (*):15000 €
Prosthesis or other special expenses:Does not require
(*) Hospital costs have been obtained from an average of the costs of our customers and can vary according to individual expense arising from the needs of each patient.

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