Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy operation is performed using laparoscopic surgery, and in consists in the stomach reduction of approximately one tenth of its previous size.

For this, a change is made in the shape of the stomach, from its usual bag shape to a tube shape.Thus, this intervention is a restrictive technique: we reduce the stomach’s ability to hold less food.

Therefore, the patient will have a feeling of fullness and satisfaction after eating a small amount of food. This feeling of fullness and satisfaction helps patients to accomplish a diet plan.

Tubo gástrico

Data sheet

Hospitalization:1 or 2 nights
Surgical time (minutes):120


Professional budget:7362 €
Hospital budget (*):4500 €
Prosthesis or other special expenses:Does not require
(*) Hospital costs have been obtained from an average of the costs of our customers and can vary according to individual expense arising from the needs of each patient.

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