Spiral Anesthesia

It consists of the administration of anesthetic drugs at the height of the indicated spinal column so that they cause LOCOREGIONAL anesthesia in the area that is to be maintained without pain and without adverse sensations during the surgery.
Recovery is fast thanks to the latest advances in the composition of the administered drugs, and the duration of its effect can vary between 1 and 4 hours after administration, which requires a hospital recovery time before returning home.
It is a very effective procedure, with more than 100 years of evolution of the technique (developed in its beginnings by Spanish doctors and nurses) that is practiced with absolute safety.

anestesia intradural

Data sheet

Hospitalization:Does not require / 1 night / More than 2 nights
Anesthesia:Local and / or Anesthesia
Surgical time (minutes):Until 240 min


Professional budget:500 €
Hospital budget (*):300 €
Prosthesis or other special expenses:Does not require
(*) Hospital costs have been obtained from an average of the costs of our customers and can vary according to individual expense arising from the needs of each patient.